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• 9/15/2013

Request for Adminship Here

Hello and Welcome to the Request for Adminship Thread! So, since we are the only Admin in our DelugeRPG wikia, We decided to create this forum to hire trustworthy admins. I need an admin of the following requirements:

  • Must have an account in DelugeRPG
  • Playing and knows much about DelugeRPG
  • Must be at least good in English
  • Knows how to improve and create articles about DelugeRPG
  • Must have an account in Wikia
  • Must be at least good in coding

Just Reply here to Apply for Adminship!

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Originally Posted by Bureaucrat: RedFemaleKnight



- What is your username in DelugePG?


- Do you play and know much about DelugeRPG?


- Do you know how to improve or create articles about DelugeRPG?


- Describe yourself in 3-5 sentences (This is for us to see how good are you in English)


- Are you good in coding?


- Your Signature/Name

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• 1/29/2019

I am chikaash I like people who are username in deluge RPG is z-move-123.

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